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About Us

Here at Emerald Medical Aesthetics, we are proud to be one of the Northwest’s leading medical aesthetic clinics as a result of our advanced and cutting-edge beauty techniques. We all undergo the ageing process, from developing wrinkles in our skin to experiencing thinning of the lips. But, our affordable, professional and – most importantly – safe treatments are targeted at delaying the signs of ageing: a result that we all strive for. Whatever area you’d like to enhance, our range of treatments from Dermal Fillers and Botox to cheek enhancement and Lip Augmentation can surely provide you with the result that you desire.


There is so much more than younger-looking skin to be gained from medical aesthetics. Our benefits range from aesthetic to emotional, providing you with an enhanced appearance and boosted self-esteem as a result. Why wait for happiness to come to you when you can go to Emerald Medical Aesthetics? We are always ready and waiting to hear from you and discuss how we can improve your outlook on life with our innovative procedures.

At Emerald Medical Aesthetics, our emphasis is on high quality, professional and ethical medical care. We are fully committed to upholding the highest standards of both cosmetic medicine and aesthetic procedures, as outlined by the UK’s General Medical Council. From June 2016, new guidelines from the GMC were introduced to all practitioners who offer cosmetic intervention. These guidelines clarify the ethical obligations that cosmetic doctors have towards their clients, as well as delineating the standards of care that they need to provide. For your convenience, these guidelines can be accessed here.

From the consultation process to achieving the final result, we put these guidelines into practice in everything that we do for your safety and reassurance. As well as this, we proudly guarantee that our doctor will meet you personally for a one-to- one medical consultation prior to your treatment, in order to come to a complete understanding of the result you are looking to achieve. We take pride in ensuring that all patients feel safe and comfortable while in our care, which is why we guarantee that your treatment will not be delegated to other practitioners but will be carried out by our GMC registered doctor, Doctor Kiely. With over twenty years’ experience in aesthetic medicine and general practice, Doctor Kiely is renowned for achieving his clients’ desired result.

As expressed, your safety and comfort are paramount at Emerald Medical Aesthetics, which is why you will be given all of the information that you require in order to make an informed decision about your treatment, as well as being given ample time to consider all aspects of your treatment. All of your questions will be answered by who will remain happy to assist you in any way throughout the course of your treatment. What’s more, all follow up treatment will be provided by our doctor, ensuring that you remain happy and self-assured from start to finish.

We cover locations across the Northwest of England, including Liverpool, Wirral, Manchester and Black pool, with many clients travelling from far and wide to experience our first-class service. So, if you have an area of yourself that you would like to enhance, be it fine lines or wrinkles, facial folds or thinning lips, Emerald Medical Aesthetics is ready and waiting to provide you with the result you seek. We look forward to hearing from you soon.